Fabiny Tamás

Panel discussion on Nobel-winning novelist Imre Kertész

Bishop Tamás Fabiny and Rabbi István Darvas were the panellists in the most recent event in a series of conversations named “Table Talks”. They discussed the works of novelist Imre Kertész and the topic of holocaust and remembrance. Bishop Fabiny stressed Kertész’s ability to express the truth about past and present in a gentle yet relentless manner; whereas Rabbi Darvas pointed out the commitment of Kertész to the tradition of paradox in Jewish literature.

Tamás Fabiny: In some way we must give a sign

Budapest – We shouldn’t resort to means like fear and scaring the people with an image of the enemy, says Tamás Fabiny. In addition to politics, migration and the [government-made political] billboards picturing George Soros, we also discussed more elevated topics with the Bishop of the North Disctrict of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary,such as the 21th century message of the 500-year-old Reformation and last but not least, what would he like to ask from PM Viktor Orbán.

The Role of Christian Unity in a Divided World

There is a myth and a dream about Europe and it is necessary to differentiate between the two. The myth from the Greek mythology is well known: Zeus fell in love with the beautiful Phoenician princess, Europa. The god transformed himself to a white bull and took the princess with him over the sea to the island of Crete. Europa bore three children to Zeus. According to the legend, our continent has been named after the Asian princess.
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